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Recovery efforts underway

For the latest updates, visit the official government website


As you prepare for your upcoming trip, please note Oahu, Hawaii Island (Big Island) and Kauai islands are not impacted by wildfire disasters and are safe for travel. 

As of 9/8/23, the State of Hawaii has an emergency proclamation in place that all non-essential travel to Maui is strongly discouraged until October 8th. OUTRIGGER does have availability at our neighbor island resorts during this time.


OUTRIGGERCares Maui Host Relief Fund

The well-being of our cherished employees on Maui is our utmost priority. Your donation delivers crucial financial relief and aid in the recovery of our employees directly impacted by the heart-wrenching aftermath of the wildfires on Maui.

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Maui Strong Fund

Help support the community of Maui that has been affected with a donation to the Maui Strong Fund. 

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    Marques Marzan - Waikiki Beachcomber Original Back to all stories

    Local Artist Marques Marzan Uses Natural Materials To Teach the World About Hawaii

    Pictured above: Beachcomber Originals Vince Lim (left) and Marques Marzan (right) at the Grand Opening of the Waikiki Beachcomber by Outrigger

    The roles of artist and advocate are woven into Marques Marzan's blood the same way that natural fibers are woven into his intricate, highly celebrated pieces of rope art. A native of Hawaii, Marques was born and raised in Kaneohe, Oahu. After receiving a Bachelor of Fine Arts with a specialty in Fiber Arts from the University of Hawaii at Manoa, Marques honed his highly recognized talents under the instruction of legendary weavers like Esther Kakalia Westmoreland and Julia Minerva Ka‘awa while developing his own signature style.

    One of Waikiki Beachcomber's "Beachcomber Originals," Marques has dedicated his life's work to creating authentic Hawaiian rope and cordage vessels. While beautiful to look at, his pieces convey a much deeper message regarding the preservation of the ideals and practices that have shaped Hawaiian culture throughout the centuries. According to Marques, his pieces are both "physical and metaphoric vessels" for the values held and passed down by native Hawaiians. He shares his message through an eagerness to participate in public presentations and workshops that showcase the liveliness of rare, authentic Hawaiian materials and designs. 

    At its core, Marques' mission as an artist is to open a dialogue regarding the value of understanding how natural materials are connected to the authentic Hawaiian understanding of life. His very tangible, rough materials serve as a nice compliment to the canvas-based works of fellow Beachcomber artists like Erin Ibarra.

    Marques' celebrated collections have included everything from woven sculptures to wearable pieces, which make perfect gifts for friends and family back home. Those who buy his pieces while visiting Hawaii feel like they are taking with them authentic Pacific Island treasures that encapsulate the rich experiences they've had during their time here. While his pieces often communicate Hawaiian themes, Marques is not one to allow himself to be boxed in as only a Hawaiian artist. He routinely travels the world to learn more about indigenous Pacific perspectives and other new areas of inspiration.

    Becoming acquainted with the works of Marques Marzan while visiting Hawaii is an unforgettable experience. Discovering how each textured, intricate piece created by Marques encapsulates the simultaneous smoothness and roughness of the Pacific landscape allows you to gain a more intimate understanding of the societal evolution that has taken place in this isolated, hidden portion of the world. 

    In addition to being displayed at prominent festivals around the world, Marques' work can also be seen at Maui Brewing Company at the Waikiki Beachcomber by Outrigger.

    For more on Hawaii's first and only craft hotel, click here.

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