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    Travel Trends 2021 Retour à toutes les histoires

    2022Tendances de voyage

    A new year is on the horizon, and with it comes the promise of once again being able to satisfy your wanderlust. Although so much has changed, the desire to see faraway places both new and familiar remains the same. 

    Ready to get out and see the world again? Read on for our favorite travel trends of 2022. 

    1. Multigenerational Travel

    What better way to bond with the ones you love than to travel together?

    More and more, families are looking for opportunities to reunite and reconnect. Recent travel industry polls show that parents, children and grandchildren — and their extended family members — are making plans to spend time together on vacation.

    Whether you’re marking a milestone occasion or just digging your toes in the sand, every moment will be cause for celebration. 

    Multigenerational groups will seek out hotels and resorts that cater to every traveler’s taste, no matter what their age. From surf school to lounging by the pool, family-friendly activities will be a chance to make memories… and start new traditions.   

    2. Culture and Community

    Now that we get to explore the world with fresh eyes, we’ll have an even greater appreciation for the people we meet and the places we see along the way. 

    In 2022, more travelers will seek out ways to support the small businesses that provide the authentic regional flavors and experiences that can turn a trip into a once-in-a-lifetime experience

    Our expanded definition of sustainable travel now includes cultural preservation, which means more opportunities to support a destination’s time-honored traditions by watching, learning and doing. Travelers will choose to spend their vacation dollars where they count most — shopping in stores and boutiques that are stocked with locally-made merchandise. 

    3. Trip Stacking, Island Style

    Now that booking a trip involves a longer checklist of to dos and precautions, travelers are making plans within the same date range at multiple destinations to assure that they’ll get to enjoy their vacation no matter what last-minute changes may arise. 

    Even before the pandemic, travelers were always seeking out ways to experience more of Hawaii. From exploring the national parks on The Big Island to catching waves on Oahu, to kicking back in Kauai, island hopping is the best way to make the most of your time in paradise. Once you’ve arrived in Hawaii, you’re free to roam.

    We’ve all learned a new approach to balancing work and play, which means that travelers have more freedom to stay longer and see more. While 2021 saw the rise of digital nomads, 2022 will be the year of the “bleisure travelers,” who will combine business trips with leisure travel to maximize their miles and bring their spouses and kids along for the fun. With six tourist-friendly islands to choose from, the most important question is, “Where to first?” 

    4. Responsible Adventuring

    Take a big vacation but leave a small footprint.

    From turtle-watching excursions to tropical fish spotting, travelers will seek out up-close encounters with some of the world’s most fascinating creatures. A newfound mindfulness will lead the desire to vacation in nature while helping to protect and preserve our oceans for future generations. 

    Heart-pounding adventures and hands-on experiences will be a major draw in faraway locations like Hawaii, Fiji Thailand and, Mauritius where there are endless opportunities to explore the most pristine beaches and exciting surf spots in the world. 

    Responsible travel will also include seeking out small ways to reduce the carbon footprint, whether that means skipping the rental car, frolicking by the pool in sustainable swimwear, or slathering on coral reef-safe sunscreen.   

    5. Stay Healthy

    Traveling safe and staying healthy while abroad is the new normal. 

    Whether it’s a family vacation, a romantic getaway or a bucket list adventure, a destination’s health and safety measures will be top of mind. 

    At Outrigger, we’re committed to providing you with a worry-free stay, and the Outrigger Clean Commitment ensures our guests will enjoy the highest standards of health and safety during their stay. When you’re ready to start making your 2022 travel plans, find the Outrigger resort that will make your dream vacation a reality. 


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