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    7 Tips to take Instagram Shots Like a Pro, featuring @TheAlohaBabe

    When it comes to travel, half the fun is the stories—and the photos—you can share after.

    We’ve partnered with Beachcomber Original Emma Wo, a.k.a. @thealohababe, to capture the top 7 tips for taking travel shots like a pro (hint: It’s easier than you think.)

    Travel Instagram Photography Tips with @TheAlohaBabe's Emma Wo

    1. Plan Ahead

    Don’t wait till the plane lands to find your best backdrop. Like film location scouts, pro influencers check out the hotspots they want to visit (and snap) before they hit the road.

    If I'm traveling to a new city, I often get inspiration for the perfect location from influencers who are local to that city,” Emma says. “A scroll through their feed often offers some great starting points to finding the perfect location.

    2. Go for Great Gear

    Whether you’re using your cell phone or a GoPro, make sure to make room for a lightweight, compact tripod for pro-perfect shots.

    3. Follow the Light

    Morning and golden hour light are often the perfect times to shoot,” Emma shares.

    4. Remember the Rule of Thirds

    This simple rule of composition is key to creating shots that look as professional as they are cute. Visualize splitting your photo into nine segments by using three vertical and three horizontal lines, and then make sure you place the key elements of your photo in at least one of these areas.

    Travel Instagram Photography Tips with @TheAlohaBabe's Emma Wo

    5. Avoid the Zoom

    While it might be tempting to use your phone to zoom into a shot, the pros move closer to the action instead. You’ll get a higher-resolution image this way, meaning you can crop in as needed to make edits without making the image blurry.

    6. Tap into Burst Mode

    After you take time to frame your scene, use the burst mode on your phone to get easy action shots. Just hold down the shutter button and you'll get multiples to choose from, making sure your backdrop and your smile are your best.

    Travel Instagram Photography Tips with @TheAlohaBabe's Emma Wo

    7. Edit Like a Pro

    While getting the shot as perfect as possible in real-time is key, taking time to learn the basics of editing is just as important.


    Sometimes, the magic is in the editing,” says Emma. “You can take a good photo and make it great with a gorgeous preset or filter. Some of the apps I love to edit in are Lightroom Mobile, VSCO, and Snapseed.

    Hit the Road (and Trail and Beach)!

    Some of the most Instagrammable shots in the world can be found in Hawaii (and Hawaii’s only craft hotel Waikiki Beachcomber even has its own Insta-worthy list!). Come join us for your own @thealohababe-inspired shots on sand and sea!


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