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    Royal Mojito Cocktail Recipe | Outrigger Mauritius Beach Resort Retour à toutes les histoires

    Island Spirit : notre cocktail préféré au rhum mauricien

    Spiced. Dark. Light. Whichever style, rum is a vibe. It brings to mind chill island vibes and memories of best-of vacay moments (Surfer in Residence Tiara Hernandez's little bro Bruno Mars even has his own blend, which he calls "vacation in a glass").

    Mauritian rum may be lesser known than its sister island counterparts—but it's just as delicious. With about 10 distilleries, Mauritius is one of the few countries that produces both traditional rum (mostly from molasses) and agricultural rum (mostly from cane juice).

    With the sugarcane harvest well under way—the season typically runs from June to December—this island nation's producers and distilleries are busy creating tasty new rum batches. And we're getting ourselves ready to sample them in classic apertifs and modern cocktails.

    One of our favorite spots on the island is the eco-friendly Rhumerie de Chamarel. Located in the unique micro-climate of the South West's fertile valley near the “Coloured Earths of Chamarel," this iconic distillery is one of the few that also cultivates its own sugarcane. Sample from nearly two dozen island-inspired rum varieties (from Single Barrel to Vanilla) as you overlook rolling plantations and verdant hills.

    If you're craving a sip of Mauritius now, try a little "armchair travelling" to this island wonderland with our Royal Mojito cocktail.

    Royal Mojito Cocktail Recipe | Outrigger Mauritius Beach Resort

    The Royal Mojito 
    • 5cl Classic Chamarel rum 
    • 10 Fresh mint sprigs 
    • 2 cl Fresh lime juice 
    • 2 cl Lemon juice 
    • 1.5 cl Sugar syrup 
    • Sparkling wine (to taste)

    1. Add fresh lime juice, lemon juice and fresh mint sprigs in double rock glass (save one fresh mint sprig for garnish). 
    2. Muddle ingredients gently.
    3. Add crushed ice. 
    4. Finish with the spiced rum. 
    5. Add sugar syrup and top up with sparkling wine
    6. Garnish with fresh spring mint.

    Ready for an escape to one of the most vibrant islands in the world? Check out our Outrigger Mauritius Beach Resort for an eco-friendly adventure on the stunning turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean—from snorkeling the crystal-clear lagoons to hiking a rainforest jungle. Bon voyage!


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