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    Mariage de rêve : une organisatrice de mariage organise son propre grand jour à l'OUTRIGGER Fiji Beach Resort

    With its glorious beaches and enchanting culture, Fiji is one of the top destinations in the world for, well, destination weddings. 

    We spoke with expert wedding planner Deahann Avery about why she chose Fiji – and OUTRIGGER Fiji Beach Resort itself – for her own wedding.

    Where wedding planners have their own weddings

    OUTRIGGER Fiji Beach Resort sunset

    Deahann's journey into wedding coordination started 24 years ago, kindled by the beauty of Fiji. 

    "My first trip to Fiji was not just a visit; it was the beginning of a lifelong love affair," says Deahann. 

    The tropical paradise has pristine beaches and breathtaking sunsets that make it a quintessential destination for weddings, and the cool blend of natural beauty, culture and luxurious hospitality creates an idyllic setting.

    Deahann loves spending her time helping other couples enjoy their big day at OUTRIGGER Fiji Beach Resort, and when it came time to plan her own wedding, she chose the resort, too.

    "The wedding chapel is unmatched, and the beach sunsets are simply magical," she says. The resort's approach to the guest experience extends beyond the wedding day, and the diverse dining options, the day spa and the adult-only pool area ensure an exceptional stay for all guests, not just the bridal couple."

    The Dream Wedding Package: From Talai butler service to Fijian fire dancers 

    Talai butler at OUTRIGGER Fiji Beach Resort

    The resort's Dream Wedding Package was Deahann's go-to for her own wedding.

    "The Dream Wedding Package offers everything at an exceptional standard and an affordable price," she says. "They only host one wedding per day, ensuring exclusive attention and flexibility – a rare find in destination weddings." 

    The resort's commitment to personalized experiences and the unique Fijian culture woven into each ceremony make the resort unparalleled, too.

    "The attention to detail and prompt responses made planning seamless," says Deahann.

    She chose the Vahavu for her reception for its privacy and beauty, leaning into the resort's cultural touches.

    "From Fijian Serenaders to the option of a Fijian Choir, and even Fiji Fire dancers, the resort ensures a culturally rich experience," Deahann says. 

    Deahann's top tips

    Deahann and Paul's dream wedding at OUTRIGGER Fiji Beach Resort

    If you're looking to paradise as the destination for your wedding, the key is to plan (way) ahead for this sought-after locale.

    "Book early, especially if you have a specific date in mind. And don't worry, everything comes together beautifully in the end." 

    And as she recounts the magic of her own wedding day, Deahann's parting advice for future couples is heartfelt.

    "Embrace the warm smiles of the OUTRIGGER staff and the genuine Fijian hospitality. It's what makes your wedding not just an event but a cherished memory for everyone involved," she says.

    OUTRIGGER Fiji Beach Resort beachfront bure

    OUTRIGGER Fiji Beach Resort is more than just a wedding venue; it's a promise of an unforgettable experience. Check out all the perfect-for-your-big-day offers at OUTRIGGER Fiji Beach Resort for the ultimate blend of beauty, exceptional service – and the endorsement of top wedding planners.

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    Lorsque vous séjournez chez OUTRIGGER, vous ne réservez pas seulement des vacances, mais se lancer dans un voyage culturel qui résonne avec la musique et l'esprit de nos traditions locales. 

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