Maui travel updates

Recovery efforts underway

For the latest updates, visit the official government website


As you prepare for your upcoming trip, please note Oahu, Hawaii Island (Big Island) and Kauai islands are not impacted by wildfire disasters and are safe for travel. 

As of 9/8/23, the State of Hawaii has an emergency proclamation in place that all non-essential travel to Maui is strongly discouraged until October 8th. OUTRIGGER does have availability at our neighbor island resorts during this time.


OUTRIGGERCares Maui Host Relief Fund

The well-being of our cherished employees on Maui is our utmost priority. Your donation delivers crucial financial relief and aid in the recovery of our employees directly impacted by the heart-wrenching aftermath of the wildfires on Maui.

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Maui Strong Fund

Help support the community of Maui that has been affected with a donation to the Maui Strong Fund. 

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    Celebrating 75 years of the Outrigger Way

    Roy and Estelle in front of the Islander Hotel

    The story of Outrigger begins in 1947 when American architect Roy Kelley and his wife Estelle opened the 33-room Islander Hotel, not only the first hotel to open in Waikiki Beach in two decades – but the first hotel in Hawaii for the middle-class traveler, making the dream of a vacation in paradise within reach for the average traveler, too.

    From Waikiki Beach to resorts worldwide

    With that landmark first hotel, the Kelleys changed the face of travel in Hawaii. And Outrigger continues to lead travel around the world today.

    Outrigger Waikiki Beach Resort in the 1960s

    Several more hotels opened in the years following the Islander, and 1969 saw the opening of what is now the famed Outrigger Waikiki Beach Resort located in the heart of Waikiki and where the "Father of Modern Surfing" Duke Kahanamoku was a member of the original Outrigger Canoe Club and surfed the world-famous Waikiki waves

    By the 1990s, Outrigger had expanded to the island of Maui and by 2000 began its journey beyond the Aloha State to the South Pacific island of Fiji.

    Waikiki Beach Walk

    Seven years later, Outrigger expanded beyond resorts to create the award-winning Waikiki Beach Walk, the largest mixed-use, retail-and-hotel development in Waikiki's history. And in 2014, the resort opened its next overseas hotel, this time in the Indian Ocean on the barely touched southern shores of Mauritius.

    Outrigger Mauritius Beach Resort

    Under the auspices of KSL Capital Partners since 2016, Outrigger is continuing to create and evolve must-visit beach destinations throughout Hawaii and beyond – including Hawaii's only craft hotel in the heart of Waikiki and the newly renovated Outrigger Reef Waikiki Beach Resort.

    Coral Reef Penthouse at the Outrigger Reef Waikiki Beach Resort

    The Outrigger Way

    Today, Outrigger has become the largest hotel chain in Hawaii and has grown to a portfolio of 33 hotels, condos and resorts worldwide. 

    Guests taking part in planting coral

    Yet even as Outrigger has expanded around the globe, our authentic aloha spirit and commitment to caring for not only our guests but also our hosts and the places themselves – the Outrigger Way – remains front and center at each of our locations. This includes preserving local culture via distinct offerings at each hotel and deep allegiance to the environment with everything from activism-inspiring artworks throughout the hotels to "think globally, act locally" conservation initiatives like OZONE that let guests get involved in coral planting, fish house making and more.

    The future of (worldwide) aloha

    Today, Outrigger continues to be at the heart of conscious hospitality worldwide.

    Sunset Sega Dance at the Outrigger Maafushivaru Maldives Resort

    With five recent new openings, including a new resort and spa in Kona on Hawaii Island (a.k.a. the Big Island), on the southern tip of the Ari Atoll in the Maldives, and destinations across Thailand, the resort continues to expand. But it's doing so with its eyes (still) firmly on authenticity and a unique commitment to sense-of-place.

    And where are we going from here? To the future of worldwide aloha, of course. 

    Join us in the adventure at


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    Our resorts are open and ready to welcome you, your family and friends. Go on and follow your heart… we'll see you on the beach.

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