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    Week in Waikiki | Hawaii Itinerary Retour à toutes les histoires

    Your Perfect Week in Waikiki Is Waiting

    A week in Waikiki sure sounds like heaven right about now! While some people prefer to whip through Waikiki during a three-day weekend, others like to soak up island vibes on full-week getaways. Giving yourself a full week means more hikes, lazy beach days and lingering lunches without feeling like you're being squeezed for time. Check out some itinerary inspiration for your week of bliss.

    Things to Do in Waikiki During the Day

    See Diamond Head

    You'll be eager to show off photos from paradise soon after you land! Get your well-deserved bragging out of the way first thing by visiting one of Waikiki's most Instagrammable spots when you get within view of Diamond Head. As Hawaii's most recognizable landmark, Diamond Head puts you in an aloha state immediately with help from lush coastal views. Trekking the Diamond Head Crater Hike trail will also help you settle into your new role as a jet-setting paradise explorer.

    Week in Waikiki | Hawaii Itinerary

    Scoop Your Way Through an Acai Bowl

    More than just a place to grab refreshing and healthy fare, Sunrise Shack Waikiki is a movement (and has some killer smoothies!). This celebrated snack spot is home to picture-worthy acai bowls that people from all over the world pine over on social media. It also happens to be the unofficial "watering hole" for local foodies seeking the best organic bullet coffee and smoothie bowls in Hawaii. Fuel up among the local surfers who consider this "the spot."

    Bike the Waikiki Loop

    Proof that you can explore so much of beautiful Waikiki even if you don't have a car, the Waikiki Loop is a stunning bike route spanning 4.3 miles. Don't worry if you don't know where to get a bike in Waikiki—there are more than 20 bikes shops to choose from along the route.

    Week in Waikiki | Hawaii Itinerary

    Be a Beach Baby

    Let's get to the real reason why you want to spend a whole week in Waikiki. You want to check out all of the beaches at least once! Make sure your list covers Gray's Beach, just in front of the Outrigger Reef Waikiki Beach Resort, and other must-visit beaches like the Royal Hawaiian Beach, Kuhio Beach Park (Prince Kuhio Beach) and Sans Souci Beach at Diamond Head.

    In addition to putting in some quality time resting on the sand, you should take advantage of the many opportunities for swimming, snorkeling, boarding, surfing and canoeing along the two-mile waterfront stretch that shapes stunning Waikiki. You might even bump into a surfing star like Robert “Wingnut” Weaver from Endless Summer or the iconic Kelly Slater.

    Take in the Culture

    Go beyond the beaches and sand to experience Hawaii’s thriving, diverse culture. Try age-old activities alongside new ones as part of Outrigger Reef Waikiki Beach Resort's free cultural activities lineup—think hula dancing (it's easier than you think), lei-making (it's all about the love!), and bamboo stamping (perfect for all ages).

    Visit the Waikiki Aquarium

    Get curious about clownfish, sharks, coral and all of the other forms of life that make Hawaiian's ecosystem the vibrant jewel that it is. The aquarium's coral farm is a highlight. You'll understand why preserving the natural beauty of the Pacific is so important to locals after spending an afternoon at the aquarium.

    Things to Do in Waikiki at Night

    Order the Hula Pie at Duke's Waikiki

    Nights out in Waikiki are all about dining in at one of the coolest foodie spots! No local restaurant is as legendary as Duke's Waikiki. Offering ocean views that can be enjoyed while you dine on favorites like lobster, panko-crusted calamari and coconut-ginger braised seafood, Duke's has lively ambiance that's made livelier by its great selection of beers, wines and cocktails. It's a crime to finish up your meal without ordering the world-famous Duke's Hula Pie featuring ice cream, hot fudge, whipped cream and toasted macadamia nuts with a chocolate cookie crust.

    Relax at Maui Brewing Co.

    As Hawaii's largest craft brewery, Maui Brewing Co. delivers the best assortment of island-brewed beers in a chic, open-air setting. It's a wonderland for beer lovers with 36 craft and specialty beers on tap. And it's just as great for foodies too, with fresh, locally-sourced ingredients and artisanal fare perfect for happy hours that extend to an evening out.

    Listen to Live Local Music

    From restaurants to beachfront bars, there are so many great spots to see live music in Waikiki. Celebrate the local tradition of “kanikapila” at Kani Ka Pila Grille, where you can enjoy live music nightly from some of Hawaii's most talented rising stars. Stay at Duke's after the hula pie for a famous Mai Tai and local music alongside stunning views of Diamond Head (and for a special treat, come just before sunset for a spectacular view of Hawaii’s famous sunset). And segue from sun-drenched afternoon beers at Maui Brewing Company to nighttime fun, with more local music plus cool craft beer and scratch-kitchen staples.

    Week in Waikiki | Hawaii Itinerary

    A Waikiki Adventure Doesn't Have to Be Wishful Thinking

    There's never been a better time to turn a fantasy Waikiki itinerary into a solid vacation plan. Pamper yourself to a full week of savoring fruity delectables, sharing the waves with pro surfers and finding blissful clarity on Pacific precipices. 

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